University Californai Irvine - Information & Map

Thank you for your interest in the UCI disc golf course.  The course is located at:


University California Irvine (UCI), located near Campus Drive & W. Peltason Drive in Irvine, CA.  Parking is available on-campus for a fee or you can park & walk from any legal parking spot on a nearby city street.  Saturday's and Sunday's parking may be available (obey all posted no-parking signs) in the University Center Shopping Center and crossing the large bridge over Campus Drive.


First Tee Locations:

  • White tape course (18-holes) - the corner of Steinhaus Hall
  • Black tape course (18-holes) - patio in front of the Engineering Tower
  • Green tape course (18-holes) - sidewalk near the Engineering Tower
  • Red tape course (9-hole "playoff") - the corner of Reines Hall


All courses are pole courses.  Look for the respective colored tape on the top of the various light poles.  Some pole tape may be faded or have fallen off and some poles are targets for multiple courses (and will have multiple colors of tape on them).  Reading these course maps is akin to reading star charts for the novice UCI player, so if you can't identify a tee or pole, just pick a pole you can see and tee-off, or follow a group playing in front of you.


Course Hours:  See UCI website for details of normal campus hours. The course should be available during daylight hours.


ALWAYS be conscious of students and other visitors walking around the UCI campus.  Do not throw if someone is nearby or rush a shot before someone walks into your throwing lane. Skip a hole and come back to it later if someone may be in the way and is not moving.  This is a campus first, and a disc golf course second.


Printable course map